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If you have found your way to my site, you are probably ready to free yourself from whatever is getting in your way of leading a more fulfilling and joyful life.

I can help you do this through a form of therapy which I practice called Narrative Therapy. Through this method, we will work to separate you from the things that are causing you pain. And get you to a place that feels good.

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Linda Robertson

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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 So how does this therapy thing work?

First, no matter what you’ve heard, therapy does not have to be a long drawn-out process. You have a busy life and I want to work with you to achieve a successful outcome as quickly as possible. Next, sitting down with a therapist is different than talking to a friend about your problems. Unlike a friend, I’m trained to be objective and I don’t have a vested interest in a particular outcome. It takes skilled listening in a nonjudgmental, supportive and confidential setting to get at deeper, underlying factors that led to the problem or problems you’re experiencing.

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Yes, we’ll talk. A lot.

Narrative Therapy provides you with the opportunity to examine your many experiences and issues - the stories of your life - maybe for the first time. Our sessions together provide a safe space to be heard, to be understood, to help you get to know yourself better.


In our conversations, we’ll examine the negative stories you’ve grown up hearing about yourself that created narratives that still live in your head. Narratives that eclipse the positive ones. Those stories that may no longer be true (if they ever were!), but are still impacting your life, causing pain and preventing you from living the life you want.


Recognizing your possibilities and strengths is how we will begin the process of rewriting your story. We will explore and identify what is genuinely important and meaningful to you. In our sessions you’ll learn how to better deal with the everyday stresses of life, your relationships, and the demands our culture places on you. We’ll identify solutions, resources and coping skills to create a more joyful path moving forward. In essence, we will be writing a new narrative for you to live by.

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What I Treat

  • Interpersonal and Relational Conflicts –
    Marital Conflicts, Adolescent Conflicts and Parenting

  • Difficult Family Transitions

  • Anxiety, Depression

  • Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Relapse and Prevention

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Fear, Grief and Loss

  • Treating the Psychosocial Effects of Chronic Illness

  • Professional Challenges

  • Crisis Intervention

Who I Treat

Since 2007, I've been a practicing LMFT in Southern California working with a diverse group of clients, including:





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